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128: How Social Media Impacts Teens’ Self-Esteem

Adlerian therapist, Dr Sara Saeedi works with youth in a counselling centre in British Columbia. She shares research findings and insights into the “good, the bad and the ugly” of social media and how it’s usage can hurt self-esteem or … Continued

011: Adlerian Theory on Parenting Teens

Alyson Schafer’s Parenting Teens FB Group Into (0.00) Some Adlerian theory on parenting teens   Q1 (8.10) I don’t trust my super social 17 year old to not meet up with friends when he goes out.   Q2. (19:25) We … Continued

#AskAlyson: Getting Teens out of bed!

Sleep - Naps - Bedtime

The Tide Pod Challenge: What Are Our Teens Thinking?

Modern Family Life

#AskAlyson: Teens Spending Their Money

Money - Allowance

Teens Google: My Parents Hate Me


112: Parenting Q&A with Alyson Schafer

Q1. How do I street proof my 11yr old daughter for going to the park independently? Q2. My 17yr old daughter is spending her paycheques on fast food instead of saving for university. Q3. My teen can’t get a girl … Continued