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Does Tech ruin family trips?  I explain on CTV Newschannel why bringing your devices with you on a family vacation may be causing a digital distraction.

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Yelling isn’t the Answer

According to experts yelling is the new spanking and it’s just as bad. On the Marilyn Denis Show I explain what shouting does and how you can work through this destructive behaviour. What are the consequences of yelling?Regardless of age, whether young or old, when we are angry we hit and yell. Because of their size […]

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Using Spoons to Measure

Why using Spoons to measure medicines can lead to mistakes.  I weighed in on CTV Newschannel about a report that is showing how we need to use a measuring spoon and not a kitchen spoon.  

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To Play or Not to Play?

The Canada AM parenting panel looks at how involved parents should be in their kid’s playtime. Is sitting and watching good or lazy parenting?

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Keep your Kid in Play

Get in the Game Parents jump at the chance to sign their kids for extra curricular activities from swimming lessons to dance classes, but what are the actual advantages of participating?  The benefits of extracurricular activities   Kids learn new skill sets, from character to social skills Meet new friends since activities are more diverse […]

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Cash for Grades?

Bribe or incentive? Should parents use cash to motivate kids? I joined a panel discussion on Canada AM discussing whether parents should reward their children for good grades.  Is it the right incentive?  Watch our segment below to learn more.

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Can you imagine having your newborn baby taken from the hospital?  How can parents prevent this?  On CTV Newschannel, I advise how parents need to be wise after having a newborn baby.

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Physical Fitness Report Card

A new report has just been released “Active Healthy Kids Canada 2014 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth” Is Canada in the running?  I weighed in on CTV Newschannel about this report and how Canada has very good policies and programs in place.  

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Successful Sleepovers

Sleepovers and slumber parties are big events for children and their parents, as well. Here are some tips for navigating the do’s and don’ts of sleepovers. Children start at an early age sleeping away from home, often at a relative’s home and having “sleepovers” with cousins. Social sleepovers, with friends, begin with school-aged children. Some parents […]

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