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New Podcast has launched!

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020

I am excited to announce the launch of my Podcast "Parenting the Adlerian Way"!

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Sibling Rivalry Virtual Workshop

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021 7:00pm - 10:00pm

COVID has forced siblings to be stuck at home with each other for over a year. Parents have to deal with more physical fighting, verbal meanness, tattling, competing and more. It’s exhausting, toxic and chaotic.

This 3 hour virtual workshop is for parents of kids aged 4 years and older. If you are looking to foster a better relationship amongst siblings, this workshop can help you identify the reasons for the anger and resentment, and provide you with new effective ways to respond to their conflict in the moment, as well as the tools to encourage quality and meaningful bonds in your household over time.

In this workshop you will learn:
• The difference between conflict and rivalry
• How birth order impacts sibling relationships
• Why siblings who are wired to be co-operative humans, choose to fight instead
• How our response to sibling fights can unwittingly create more conflict and animosity, not less
• Alternative responses and discipline techniques that lead to greater co-operation between siblings
• How to set new family rules and boundaries when it comes to peace-keeping
• Making an implementation plan that will stick

This workshop will be live over ZOOM and you will have the opportunity to ask questions!

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