Breaking the Good Mom Myth

Topics: Best Parenting Practices, Development & Personality, Parenting Resources

If you are an anxious, perfectionist, overly ambitious, or discouraged mom, this is a great read.  A popular book to give new moms as a baby shower gift, you may be wishing you read it sooner!  Yes, Alyson does poke fun at modern motherhood, but in a gentle and guilt free way.  Society has so many unchallenged assumptions about parenting principles which hinder instead of help our children. In Breaking The Good Mom Myth you’ll learn what it means to be a good mother in ways that will both shock and relieve you.  Alyson offers up a new refreshing approach to parenting that will lead to happier families. You’ll find strategies for raising resilient, caring and cooperative children, without the guilt or stress.  Check out reviews and full book details here.


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About Alyson

Alyson is a best selling author with HarperCollinsCanada. Her books have been translated into Korean, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish and Russian and are also available as e-books. Alyson is currently working on book number 4 due out in 2017.

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