Honey, I Wrecked the Kids

Topics: Best Parenting Practices, Common Misbehaviours, Development & Personality

Some kids are just tough to raise.  If you feel you’ve tried everything to deal with your child’s antics and are now throwing your arms up in exasperation, this book is for you!   Alyson offers insightful and powerful information about the psychological underpinnings of children’s beliefs and behaviours.  In her witty style,  Alyson explains the 4 “dances” that represent the patterns of interactions between parent and misbehaving child.  You’ll learn to recognize the dances and the unique discipline tools to respond to each.  You’ll also learn long term strategies for helping your child get their needs met in the family through constructive means.  Okay, only way funnier than that just sounded! You can see what other parents had to say about the effectiveness of the book here.

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About Alyson

Alyson is a best selling author with HarperCollinsCanada. Her books have been translated into Korean, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish and Russian and are also available as e-books. Alyson is currently working on book number 4 due out in 2017.

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