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A Great Book On Why You Should Love ADD

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Book Explaining Why ADD Isn't A Bad Thing

Last night I attended the pre-party and launch of Dr. Hallowell’s latest book “Delivered from Distraction”. He is the world leader in ADD and ADHD research. As a an adult with ADD and raising two children with ADD, he speaks personally and professionally to the topic.

Dr Hallowell explains how terrific it is to have “a Ferrari brain” if you can figure how to use your gift. He shares that if you look at adults with ADD, they are either the most successful or the biggest failures. Guiding kids to harness the natural way their brains work rather than the  old “just try harder” approach is the key that will make the difference.  His book shows you how.

I agreed with every point he made last night. It was refreshing to hear a Doctor speak out against the predominantly pathologizing view of ADD. He joked about those who have “attention surplus disorder” and felt that those with ADD where blessed and won the lottery! It was a wonderfully entertaining and inspiring event. I encourage you to grab this book and give it a read.

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