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Anger in the Family

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Books On Anger

I just received this email:

I need some information on how to help my 8 year-old son control his anger.  For example, hen his friends were teasing him today about liking a girl he told them to stop but then just kicked the heck out of the lockers. Can you suggest a book to read to learn some new tools for him.

I am glad that he hit the lockers instead of his friends, clearly he has good judgement and control. The nature of anger is an important one, and I think all families that have to deal with anger, be it with the children or the parents, could benefit from reading Calming the Family Storm.

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  1. Sharon Edmonds

    Our 5 year old gets mad and angry every time we leave a fun event. Be it a birthday party, a family gathering or play date. I give him the 5 min, 3 min, 1 min warnings but nothing seems to stop the screaming and throwing himself on the floor when we leave or people leave our house. We have tried explaining that fun things come to an end and we can do the things again soon. We tried saying that the fun things won’t happen if he has these tantrums everytime as its just not fun for anyone. Nothing has worked and now predictably the 2 year old is starting to copy his brother. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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