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#AskAlyson: Covid Anxiety

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Dear #AskAlyson


My 7 year old daughter is still anxious about the virus and leaving the house. I don’t know what I can do to ready her for going back to school in the fall.


Nervous Mom,


Dear Nervous Mom,


How do you feel about her going back? Your attitudes and beliefs about her safety will help set the tone for how safe she feels.  Let her know that a little bit of anxiety is normal.  But as things open up, and community spread is reduced, we can venture out again.  Small excursions can be helpful experiences to help her push her comfort zone.  Decide together what she can manage as a next step in testing her courage.  Maybe playing on the drive way, next going for a walk in the neighborhood.  Perhaps the next challenge could be going to an ice-cream stand.  Each successful outing will give her the confidence that her worries were not realized and she’ll gain a great sense of security.  Of course if she is panicked and her reaction is severe, I would work with a professional.  And remember, that on-line learning is still an option in Ontario, anyways. Back to the classroom is not going to work for all families.


Hang in there, momma!



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