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#AskAlyson: Mask Concerns

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Hi Alyson,

My 4 year old starts school this year and I am worried she is going to be freaked out by the masks.  Is there anything I can do to help her?

Anxious Mom



Dear Anxious,

There are a few things you can do.  Firstly, don’t assume she will have an issue with it.  Kids are very adaptable and they decide creatively how to interpret situations.  It may not be a big deal to her.  Let’s wait and see.  The more calm and matter of fact you can be about it, the more likely she will take it like a grain of salt.


Secondly, get her out in the world exposed to people in masks.  Go for walks and to the park, take her out for dinner.  The more chances to interact with people all wearing masks in advance of school the better.


Lastly, send empowering messages about why wearing the mask is helpful.  “You are helping your friends stay healthy!”


Hope that helps!


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