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Books On Classroom Behaviour Issues For Teachers

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Books for Teachers With Misbehaving Student

Each year we moms brace for the crazy September ahead, but lets not forget that there are a ton of teachers who are also wondering how their school year is going to go too. The week before school they will be in their classrooms setting up desks, organizing their supplies and decorating bulletin boards dreaming of a wonderful year a head. But they also will be bemoaning the inevitable fact that they know will have some troubled kids in their class they are going to have to “deal” with.

I saw more teachers as a therapist than any other occupation.  Their story is a tough one. They enter education because they love children and want to inspire them, but after years of teachers college they come out knowing a whole lot about education – but nothing of how to deal with class clowns and disturbers.  Its one tough job.  Studies show that teachers spend as much as 60% of their classroom time “dealing” with children and their misbehaviours!

I have done a lot of workshops, training and consulting with teachers over the last few years; helping to train the nursery school teachers at the North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre, and also Foundations Private School who adopted the Adlerian model in their k-8 school.  There are good resources for teachers who want to learn the classroom applications of all that I write about on my site or talk about on my call-in show “The Parenting Show”.  I recommend three titles:

  1. Positive Discipline in the Classroom – which is a good light read with many concrete examples and techniques
  2. Maintaining Sanity in the Classroom – for the more advanced psychological understanding
  3. Responsibility in the Classroom – which I like to give to schools as a gift

Also The North American Society For Adlerian Psychology (NASAP) has an entire Education Section dedicated to promoting and supporting teachers in apply Adlerian theory to school settings.  You can join this section and write to their list serv any questions or ideas you might have. There is also our annual conference that will have a bunch of education workshops you can attend.

I hope every teacher has a smashing year and that these resources help you get back to the real reasons you wanted to become a teacher in the first place!  If you have found a terrific resource, please share it with us in the comment area below. This site is about an exchange of ideas – not just me and my monologues!

Post away teachers!

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