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Family Talk About Underage Drinking

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I am happy to share some exciting news about the launch of my new series to help parents prevent underage drinking.


If you’re raising tweens and teens, you know how challenging it can be to navigate the drinking risks that our kids can be exposed to at different points in their lives. You might even feel there’s not much parents can do to ensure our kids make the smart choices. But there’s good news: It might come as a surprise, but research shows that parents are the number one influence when it comes to our children’s decisions about alcohol.


Making the most of our influence starts with having that all important conversation – a Family Talk About Drinking. I’m looking forward to sharing tips with you to get that conversation going, and to keep it going no matter the age of our kids. This is a very meaningful and worthwhile initiative and I’m thrilled to have received support from Labatt Breweries of Canada to help parents. Statistics show that underage drinking is an on-going concern. While it’s improved from a decade ago, we still need to work together to prevent it.
Stay tuned for my blogs on the topic, free upcoming talks in parent communities this fall, and the intro of other new resources to help parents keep kids safe from alcohol!

Click on the links below to watch the series of 6 videos in the #FamilyTalk series

Part 1:  Influence, Not Control

Part 2:  Getting The Conversation Started

Part 3:  Teen Brain Under Construction

Part 4:  Safe To Talk To

Part 5:  Prom Night

Part 6:  Summer Vacation

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