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Games That Teach Cooperation

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Cooperation Games
Family Pastimes is a small family-operated business in Perth, Ontario that makes cooperative board games.  If you have children who are obsessed with winning and being first, why not check out some of these great family games that require cooperation as the playing strategy?
You can also promote cooperation over winning by playing games like Scrabble or bowling with cumulative scoring, where everyone is working together to try to beat the last family high score.
Break the Safe is another board game my children enjoyed.  All players work together against the clock. A great game for parents who only want to play for 30 minutes.  When the timer goes off, the game is over, every time.   If you have a favorite cooperative game to share, please add it to the comments area for others.

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3 Responses to “Games That Teach Cooperation”

  1. Patti Cancellier

    My kids loved “Max the Cat” and “Harvest Time” when they were little. Family Pastime games were the only games we could play that didn’t end with someone flipping the board in anger when he or she didn’t win. I always recommend them when I’m speaking to parents about sibling rivalry.

  2. Cathy Head

    I have been playing cooperative games from Family Pastimes for over 20 yrs. My favourite for the little ones would have to be Harvest Time. I have had kids as young as 2 play this with great success. All their games make great gifts, encourage sharing, helping others. No more tears when someone doesn’t come first!!

  3. Phillip

    I LOVE Harvest Time. That’s by far my favorite one for my niece and nephews to play together when I babysit (ages 3,5, and 7). Its awesome to watch them play it together, too. 🙂


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