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Good Site for Learning About Sleep

Resources for Learning About Sleep

Getting babies to sleep is a big issue, but most people have no reason to learn about this biological phenomenon called “sleep” until they become parents. While I was online searching for a nice visual graphic to post on sleep cycles, I came across a good Australian site that covers the basics so well that I thought I would just point you to them so you can check it out for yourself.

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One Response to “Good Site for Learning About Sleep”

  1. Jennifer Carter

    Following advice about the CIO method I found on your site, my 6 & a half month old son Liam (aka The Sleepless Wonder) now goes down to bed at night without problem. He used to cry when I’d put him down in his crib & I’d end up rocking & soothing him for over an hour sometimes. In one night for about 40 minutes we let him cry going to check on him quickly about every 5 to 10 minutes without touching him. I didn’t think it would work that quickly. However, I am now working on nap time. I let Liam cry for an hour today & he never went to sleep. How long should I be letting him cry, & over how many days? To me, an hour defeats the purpose & makes me uneasy. I’d appreciate any advice on how to get Liam to nap even once through the day. I’ll then go to work on getting him to sleep through the night without waking up to be nursed.
    Sincerely, Mom of Sleepless Wonder


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