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Here’s How (and Why) To Have Family Meetings

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Check out my latest article on HuffPost Canada Parents that explains how (and why) we need to have family meetings.  The first reason is because children are more likely to comply with household rules if they were involved in establishing them!  Click on the link below to read the full article at HuffPost Parents.

Family Meetings



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2 Responses to “Here’s How (and Why) To Have Family Meetings”

  1. Rachel

    I am having trouble accessing your family meetings article through the link provided above. It sends me to Huffpost, then I search for your article there but in order to open it I need to click on the parentdish link as provided in above article but it then send me back to huff post and around and around I go… help! Thanks!

    • alyson

      My apology for this aggravation. We are working to rectify the situation.


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