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How Well Do You Know Your Child? Take This Test

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Test How Well You Know Your Child

How well do you know your child?  We all think we do, but let’s see how well you fare.  Either ask yourself these questions, or take the list to the family supper table and use it to create meaningful dinner table discussion with your children.

  1. Who is your best friend?
  2. Who are your enemies?
  3. What is your favorite music?
  4. What is your biggest complaint about this family?
  5. If I could buy you anything in the world, what would be your number-one choice?
  6. What is you favorite TV show?
  7. What accomplishment is your proudest?
  8. What was the biggest disappointment of this past year?
  9. What non-school book have you enjoyed recently?
  10. Do you feel too big or too small for your age?
  11. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  12. What gift from me has been most cherished?
  13.  Do you prefer to do school work after school, after dinner or in the morning?
  14. Who is your favorite teacher? Why?
  15. What person outside the family has influenced you most?
  16. What is your favorite family occassion?
  17. What would be your first choice for a family vacation?
  18. What would be your preferred pet of choice?
  19. What color would you like your room to be?
  20. Who is your hero?
  21. What embarrasses you the most?
  22. What makes you really angry?
  23. What is your nickname at school?
  24. What are your most and least favorite subjects?
  25. In gym ,would you rather play a game, do exercises or run relays?
  26. Do you feel liked by people at school?
  27. What foods do you most like  and most dislike?
  28. Which household chore do you hate most?
  29. What is your favorite sport?
  30. What is your biggest fear?

If you answered 25 – 30 correctly, you’re a good listener.  You and you child communicate well.

If you answered 14 – 24, you seem to know quite a bit about your child, but you could benefit by learning to listen more effectively.

Below 14: time to improve communications, stop talking and start listening.

(This has been adapted from Home Life by Judy Bailey as found in the files of my dad, a fellow parent educator. Sorry I can’t find a better source to give proper credit. )





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2 Responses to “How Well Do You Know Your Child? Take This Test”

  1. Bette Mroz

    Alyson, thank you for this “test.” I write a newspaper column (SUPPORTING SUPER STUDENTS) here in Southern Arizona USA and would like to pass your information and this “test” on to my parent and grandparent readers using your website as reference. Eventually, I post some of my newspaper articles onto my website– to encourage “SMARTER PARENTS FOR SMARTER KIDS.”

    Asking your permission to do so.

    Bette Mroz


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5 Best Parenting Practices

Take these 5 steps towards a better relationship with your child.

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