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It Can Be Hard For Men To Be Sensitive Dads, But They Can Learn To Be More Emotionally Available

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One of the most critical jobs of a parent is to help their child develop their sense of worth. Feeling loved and valued comes from the positive emotional interactions between parent and child. It’s a genuine smile that conveys love and acceptance; a warm hug that expresses caring and reassurance.


While that parenting advice sounds good in theory, the reality is that while many parents are trying their best to be emotionally available and supportive, they may be hindered because they may not have been given the love, acceptance, support or nurturing they needed from their own parents.


Sadly, men have it worse. As a result, boys are less likely to have fathers who display their emotions, and are more likely to be encouraged to suppress and deny their emotions rather than honour them. While North American society is challenging these gender norms, there is a still a long way to go.


So, where do we begin if we want to start being more emotionally available and expressive with our children? Check out my tips HERE.


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  1. justin

    this is wonderful do you have mroe of this?

    • Alyson Schafer

      Thanks Justin! I don’t at the moment – but its good to know topics people would like me to write more about!


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