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Kids’ Books On Potty Training

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Books for Your Kids When They're Potty Training

During a final parenting class a while ago we were discussing potty training and I recommended a couple of great books to share with your kids when they show an interest in using the toilet or potty.

The first is the wonderfully frank and yet sensitive book by Fred Rogers called Going To The Potty (buy at or buy at This is an older book, but still terrific. It is a big hard cover book that is filled with large photos and simple plain-speaking information and instructions that make it all very concrete. We miss you Mr Rogers!

The second was not so instructional, but a favourite for my kids called The Princess and the Potty (buy at or buy at, which tells the story of a princess who would not use the royal potty, so all the servants bring her potties of varying styles but none are to her liking. Then one day they bring her a pair of fancy pantaloons so she wears those instead!

If you have a favourite potty book, let us know about it in the comment section below.

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2 Responses to “Kids’ Books On Potty Training”

  1. Amy Brown

    My daughter really liked “Your New Potty” by Joanna Cole. It’s another older one (so you can have a little snigger at the hairstyles and moustaches) but it had photos and tells the story of a little girl and boy who get new potties. Much the same tone as the Mr Rogers book, but for some reason my daughter was really taken with the snaggle-toothed, curly-haired heroine. She asked for her by name on subsequent visits to the library, and we still get the book out sometimes even though she’s been toilet trained for years.

  2. Constance S.

    BOOK: “I Have To Go” by Robert Munsch
    RATING: 10/10; among the 6+ books we have at home on the subject for kids, this a fav for sure.
    WHY?: The main character, Andrew, repeatedly says “No, no, no” about pottying on someone elses terms. I thought this would deter my 3 year old son from going, but I think it did the opposite. (Not to over-analyze, but…) I think he felt understood by the character and it prompted more independence on his part. At 4, he still likes this book.
    PS: Fred Rogers has some wonderful tv segments on using the potty that I wish I had discovered sooner. I miss him too!


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