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Kids Cooking in the Kitchen

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Letting Your Children Help Cook Dinner

Today on The Parenting Show we discussed food issues.  I have long discussed including children in the preparation of meals. My children both know how to use the stove and will freely make a grilled cheese or mac and cheese.  But this week at our family meeting, my children decided that rather than the chore of cleaning the kitchen after I cook supper, they would like to be responsible for preparing the family meal instead as their form of contribution (a.k.a. “chores”).

Dsc01208 Zoe, my eldest (who is 13 years), is cooking dinner every Monday,  and Lucy (12 years old) is cooking Wednesdays.

Today being Monday, we started. Zoe wanted to make one of her favorite meals: veal marsala, roast potatoes and green beans.  I bought the ingredients and printed off the recipes.  She turned on her music and did the entire meal from start to finish with only my verbal instructions and a whole lot of singing and visiting in between.

She also set the table (don’t you want your food to look nicely served?) and then–when everyone was called to the table–Zoe announced, “I have lifted my fork! You may begin,” and with a huge grin, she said, “I have always wanted to say that!”  Her meal was fantastic, and we had to ask her to lift her head off her plate and SLOW down from inhaling it !!!!

She asked me to teach her how to BBQ next week.

I grabbed a binder and copied the recipes into her own binder so her collection of foods she can cook grows.

It was a great night – AND I didn’t have to make supper!

If you have a success story you would like to share, please use the comment area so we can all hear about it.

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2 Responses to “Kids Cooking in the Kitchen”

  1. the maker of this lovely meal (aka, ZOE)

    okay, so.. that picture totally does do my meal ANY justice!
    thanks for being so proud of me and helping me with my meal today mom. Im looking forward to next monday. Love you.
    Zoe. 🙂

  2. Jackie

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