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When Kids Have A Favourite Parent

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As adults,¬†we know better than to show favouritism¬†to one of our children over another. Why can’t kids show us parents the same courtesy? Ah, yes, they are children and less mature so of course we are supposed to give them a pass. But, for how long can we put up with a daddy’s girl or a mama’s boy?

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2 Responses to “When Kids Have A Favourite Parent”

  1. Kelly sanders

    I have a 16 and an 18 year old daughters. They absolutely “favor” their dad as is and has always been, the “yes” parent. Meaning they get away with anything and everything. My husband has never disciplined them, whereas I have been the parent that says no and takes away things they enjoy (ie; cell phones).
    My girls know this and disrespect me on the assumption that I am not as much fun as dad.
    I believe that as parents we should be on somewhat of a same page in regards to how we react to the girls. They are almost adults so it makes it very difficult.
    My husband and I are recently separated and I know the girls will want to live with dad because it makes their lives easier. I also believe in still setting limitations for them. My husband does not understand this. I moved out. I am really thinking my kids could use some therapy.
    Any suggestions as to how to be an effective parent while not residing in the same residence with them at this point?..

    • alyson

      Hi Kelly, You can’t control your ex’s parenting, so knowing that you can only make decisions about how you will act and behave as a good parent is important. That said – always speak respectfully of your ex to your children or say nothing at all. Establish your own limits and boundaries that take effect at home and stick with them consistently regardless of dad’s policies. A new book called “When parents part” by Penelope Leach could be helpful too.


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