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Lazy Kids – What’s Really Going On!

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Idleness goes against North American family values, so as a society, we loathe the lazy. No one wants to raise a kid who is a slug, a slouch or a burden to society. But are your kids actually lazy?  Probably not!  Read my latest article on HuffPost Canada Parents website to find out what might really be going on!

Are my kids lazy?

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2 Responses to “Lazy Kids – What’s Really Going On!”

  1. mary Berthiaume

    It seems to be to me my granddaughter is a lil bit lazy and when there is a change in home her mom has told her theres always changes and shell have to deal with we have try changing her diet rewards shell do good for a lil bit then she does poop again not pee just poop we change her activities and but her away from tv I thought it could be that but it still happens what she wrote no more poop in pants shes have her favorite things taken away and had to earn them back but its not working we also had her on toilet every hour I need to know what else could we do
    Grandma please if you have any ideas please tell me heres my email thank you

  2. Betty Treadwell

    I have a great granddaughter aged 11 who lives with a very depressed father. Her mother is a drug addict and her grandmother can’t stand her. She is a slob, she does pretty well in school but rarely if ever brings friends home. She isolates. Her room is a total mess and when her grandmother comes for a few days her grandmother cleans up and the 11 year old and grandmother fight. They get into verbal shouting matches and say they hate each other because of the mess. I have made suggestions but I live 200 miles away and am 82 years old and my husband is 90. We love them with the love of God in Jesus and suggest that they get help. Is there anything that I can do in your opinion


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