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Alyson has been blogging parenting advice for over 15 years. She has been a panelist at BlogWest, Blissdom, #140NYC and more. Her content appears on sites across Canada and the US, but you can read all her own blog posts right here.

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2 Responses to “Math Wars”

  1. Kerri Thompson

    I attended your presentation last night (Wed March 26th) in Newmarket. You are as fantastic as I hoped you would be after reading your books. I think I need a daily dose of Alyson!
    My son has ADHD with a heavy executive function disability. Everyday I advocate at school to help him get past the fog of executive function limitations to find the diamond. When I think I have no more energy left to understand what is behaviour and what is an LD I pick up one of your books, laugh at your tongue in cheek humour, and cry for your brilliance. I have often said I should leave him on your doorstep and he’d have the best chance at life. Since that is not possible I remain an “Alyson groupie.” You are a treasure and you make a difference every day in the life of our family.

  2. Alyson Schafer

    Kerri – what a wonderful note. You have made my day! It was a great group of parents last night and I am glad you found value in the presentation. Having executive function issues makes life more of a challenge, but it sounds like you are a great mom to help him through. We all need to support one another – and yes – laughter is the best medicine!! Hugs, Alyson


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