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No TV Is An Overstatement

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Reducing TV Without Completely Eliminating It

My last post has caused a stir in my family. Seems that my kids and husband feel that I do watch TV more than the "never or rarely" that I stated.  Seems that my media loving husband thought my post was anti-television. Let me set the record straight for him and any other readers who thought I was TV bashing.

Firstly, my television habits:

I do watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart any night that I can, and I think that is some of the best and important television going.  I also have a family ritual of watching Reba with my daughters after Girl Guides on Wednesday nights. I don’t know what I like better, laughing at Reba’s parenting with my girls, or the fact that this is our "girls ritual" that we look forward to.  Other than those two shows, I don’t "follow" any shows, and I don’t hang out in front of the TV. 

Secondly: Is TV bad?

My point was not that television is "bad", in fact I think it can be a very good medium. I was simply trying to echo the old adage "everything in moderation".  The idea of turning the TV off for a week was not about getting people to  throw out their TVs and abstain, but rather for families to discover what else they might do in those newly created non-television hours. Then, with that new knowledge, perhaps they would be more inclined to turn off the TV for a few more hours a day than they do now.

It was about balance and being intentional.

Sorry if I scared any coach potatoes!

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