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Potty Training Books Coming Out My Ears

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Potty Training Book

Yesterday on the way home from my little jaunt to Montreal to promote my book, I finished the last of the stack of potty training books I am reviewing as my job as a Chapter’s Indigo Trusted Advisor.

I am reminded once again why parents pull their hair out over parenting.  These books where all written by people with credentials and while they all espoused the “child-centred” approach, if you actual read the details of what they thought that looked liked – WOW – confusion reigns!

All too often they would say – don’t bribe or pressure, but a sticker chart is always a good idea! NO!!!!!

Other books said be respectful and don’t pressure, let the child lead – but set a timer and make them sit each day at the same time for a set time. WHAT?

In the end – the one that did impress me was Dr Brazelton’s book: Potty Training: The Brazelton Way.  He did an excellent job of explaining to parents potty training from the child’s perspective and he emphasizes that a child wants to progress and mature, that with encouragement and confidence they will.  But he digs deep into that concept in a way that I think parents need to really “get” this “child lead” approach. Then he explains in lots of deatils and steps exactly how to do this.

I still want to read more potty training books – but at the moment this one is my top recommendation.

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2 Responses to “Potty Training Books Coming Out My Ears”

  1. Amy Brown

    Did you ever nail down a favourite potty training book? When I potty trained my first I read every potty book I could get my hands on, and was that ever confusing. From the big picture to the small details, it seemed like there were three or more different ways to do everything. Rewards? No rewards? Pull-ups or straight into undies? Do it all in one crazy weekend or take a week off work to do it? Now that I’m about to potty train my second, I’m much more relaxed about it (because I know it will happen even if I don’t potty train her “properly”) but I’d still love a good reference, as a refresher.

  2. Lana

    Alyson, thanks for the recommendation for the Brazelton book. Just wondering if you know anything about the other books in the series (eg Discipline the Brazelton way) and whether you’d recommend them?


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Take these 5 steps towards a better relationship with your child.

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