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Useful Links and Resources for Teachers

Boy_smarts_cover_2Yesterday I posted about my frustration with the media. They fuel the public with reasons to be discontent with how the education system fails boys, but they neglect to inform parents, teachers and administrations on what we can do to improve matters. Well, for starters, I recommend you mention these two great resources:
1) Barry MacDonald’s book “Mentoring Boys“, which I have mentioned before, but you can also visit his site and sign up for his newsletter.
2) Responsive Classroom, which also has a free newsletter and a book catalogue called “Exceptionally Useful Books for Teachers” that has great titles like “The First Six Weeks of School,” “The Morning Meeting Book,” “Creating Rules with Students” and more. They have teacher workshops too.

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  1. Sonia Nicolucci

    Hi Alyson,
    I cannot agree with you more, repeatedly stating the problem has not moved us any closer to a solution. I think the resources you sited are fabulous, and I refer to them often when discussing gender differences in my parenting classes. Acknowledging the differences and providing parents/teachers with tools on how to support their boys really seems to pay off. Continuous education and awareness for parents/teachers may initiate the change our society is looking for.
    Thank you
    Sonia Nicolucci


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