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011: Adlerian Theory on Parenting Teens

Alyson Schafer’s Parenting Teens FB Group Into (0.00) Some Adlerian theory on parenting teens   Q1 (8.10) I don’t trust my super social 17 year old to not meet up with friends when he goes out.   Q2. (19:25) We … Continued

#AskAlyson: Getting Teens out of bed!

Sleep - Naps - Bedtime

The Tide Pod Challenge: What Are Our Teens Thinking?

Modern Family Life

#AskAlyson: Teens Spending Their Money

Money - Allowance

Teens Google: My Parents Hate Me


#AskAlyson: Unmotivated Teen

Praise - Encouragement

060: Parenting Q&A with Alyson Schafer

Q1. 9yr old can’t explain why she is crying Q2. 9yr old says “don’t cheer for me” when I say “way to go – you did it” Q3. 9 &13 yr old boys who complain about nothing being fair between … Continued

051: Parenting Q&A with Alyson Schafer

Q1. 2.5 twins girls peeing in the park Q2. How to heal a broken relationship with your child Do you have a parenting question for me? Email me at Sign up for my monthly newsletter at Sign up … Continued

48: Dr Frank Walton on Preventing Teen Suicide

Dr Frank Walton is an internationally acclaimed and well respected Adlerian psychologist with more than 40 years’ experience working with families in private practice in Columbia, South Carolina.   He has taught Adlerian family counselling practices around the globe. He … Continued

039: Parenting Q&A with Alyson Schafer

Got a parenting question for me?  Email me at and I’ll answer in an upcoming episode. Q1.  8 year old refuses to apologize Q2.  Divorced w/ shared custody, but teens want to see friends instead of uphold the parenting … Continued