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011: Adlerian Theory on Parenting Teens

Alyson Schafer’s Parenting Teens FB Group Into (0.00) Some Adlerian theory on parenting teens   Q1 (8.10) I don’t trust my super social 17 year old to not meet up with friends when he goes out.   Q2. (19:25) We … Continued

#AskAlyson: Getting Teens out of bed!

Sleep - Naps - Bedtime

The Tide Pod Challenge: What Are Our Teens Thinking?

Modern Family Life

#AskAlyson: Teens Spending Their Money

Money - Allowance

Teens Google: My Parents Hate Me


106: Parenting Q&A with Alyson Schafer

Q1.  3 year old’s growing dependency on taking her teddy bear to daycare. Q2. 12 year old is cutting. Q3.  3 year old randomly hits people including strangers, babies in strollers etc Q4. Daughter won’t eat with her mouth closed … Continued

099: Parenting Q&A with Alyson Schafer

I started this episode discussing some of the misunderstandings about advice I had given during Pride month. Then we had two big questions about teens:   Q1. 14 yr old son in Christian home that is expected to participate in … Continued

How To Talk To Your Children About The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Safety - Traumatic Events

#AskAlyson: Unmotivated Teen

Praise - Encouragement