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Talking to Kids About AIDS and Safe Sex

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Teaching Kids About Sex and AIDS

Many parents are nervous talking to their children about sex.  This documentary  (30 minutes long) shows two sisters, ages 6 and 4, interviewing the many participants of the 2006 International AIDS conference, including Stephen Lewis, sex trade workers, cross dressers and people making condom art.  I think watching this documentary will help parents see the candor and comfortableness that adults and children can have when you talk to your kids respectfully and clearly about sex and sexuality.  It may help you build the courage to talk to your own children!  (Warning: some may find the viewing very uncomfortable… remember, that is why they made this documentary!)

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2 Responses to “Talking to Kids About AIDS and Safe Sex”

  1. Emily

    Just wondering if you could give the name of the documentary you mentioned: the link you supplied is broken. Many thanks!

  2. Alyson Schafer

    Ohh – thank you! Here it is,
    I’ll go fix the hyper link now for others!


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