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The Backlash on Over-Parenting Is On!

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Criticism on Over-Parenting

Seems like the next wave of popular parenting books is going to tackle the modern phenomenon of over-parenting.  Check out this article entitled “Are You Raising a Doucebag” which talks about the “Frankenkinder” (love that new term!) we are raising with our indulgent parenting.

I was excited to learn from the article that author Katie Allison Granju, who wrote Attachment Parenting back in 1999, is about to release her new book, “Let Them Run With Scissors: How Over-Parenting Hurts Children, Parents and Society.”  Geesh – maybe she recognized how many people she influenced with her first book who then took her concepts too far!

Adlerians believe in the need to connect and bond too, but we stress cooperation and having faith in children’s abilities to face life’s demands in an ever-expanding way.  When we rescue our children and give them an alibi for not cooperating or managing the challenges that are a part of life, we “pamper.”  Now you can do that to a child wearing a $300 Marc Jacobs hoodie or wearing one that was $25 from the Gap.  Not all brats are rich, and not everyone who is rich is a brat.

Ahhh – that’s my sounding off for the day!

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