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Tips for De-cluttering Toys!

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Here are some handy tips to help de-clutter your kids play room since many of you will be in the mood for spring cleaning.

  • Make it a fun shared activity with the kids.Kids like to help and have a say in the decision making.
  • Plan ahead, instead of springing the idea on them. Some kids might need time to get their head around the idea of saying good-bye to some of their toys.
  • Show them “before and afters” pictures from the internet of how great a room can look after it’s been de-cluttered and organized. It can be inspirational to think how tidy and inviting their play room will be!
  • Let them know that the toys they enjoyed so much when they were smaller, will make another child happy now! Since Covid started, a lot of parents lost their jobs so there are many kids are in need. Donating items to Good Will, Salvation Army, or a local church for a spring rummage sale is appreciated.


If they refuse to give up items:

  • Let them know they can only keep, say, 5 stuffed animals. Let them know they can decide to pick those 5 themselves, or you will pick them. Keeping all the stuffed animals is NOT an option.
  • If they still refuse, let them know you will not donate anything immediately – but will keep it in storage temporarily. That means if they really want one of the items, it is still salvageable. Most kids forget what is in storage. Out of sight out of mind. After a month or so – proceed to donating.



  • De-clutter the toy room by creating your own “toy lending library”. Find storage space, and put the bulk of the toys in the storage area. Then, have your kids “ visit the library and take out a set amount of toys for the week: One riding toy, 3 puzzles, 5 books, 1 connector set, etc…The idea is to only have out as many toys as your child can easily clean up if they trash the play room and throw everything on the ground. When you only have a selection of toys kids tend to play with them in a more engaged fashion, and enjoy them anew. When you haven’t seen the book for a month – it’s exciting to read it again. If you see the book everyday amongst a stack of 30 books, it becomes like wallpaper and gets ignored. Too many choices is overwhelming for kids and they end up saying “I am bored” while standing in a room crammed to the ceiling with toys!


Happy Parenting!

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5 Best Parenting Practices

Take these 5 steps towards a better relationship with your child.

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