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Tips For A Fun-Filled February

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February is a long dark month here in Canada, but we have a few things to look forward to; Valentine’s Day and Family Day. While Valentine’s may seem as nothing more than a Hallmark holiday designed to stimulate the economy, I am adamant that couples should take any occasion to celebrate their love.


Stop being so pragmatic! I am tired of hearing couples say “we don’t really do anything for birthdays, New Year’s, or our anniversary anymore”. Let me share some information that is very important for couples to know: romance and special feelings die if you don’t attend to them. They don’t have a life of their own, you actually have to put in an effort to create them. It’s every couple’s responsibility to keep these cherished feelings alive. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is one such way of placing your attention on your partner, even if sometimes it feels like a dental appointment reminder – it’s valuable to do it!


The same goes for Family Day. Most of the time we are our own personal versions of The Walking Dead; going from our cornflake breakfast, to tuck-in’s, in the same routine. Family day is here to kick us out of our routines and monotony and be awake and present with our families.


Enjoy the long weekend with your kids. You don’t have to travel or spend extra money to entertain them! Simply staying present and enjoying each other’s company, without the regular stresses of work and school, is a treat in itself. Can you elevate the mundane by making it feel more like an occasion? Movie night with pizza and popcorn? Cider and snow fort building in the yard? Charades or cards?


Put down the tech and have a stay-cation without distractions or clock-watching. Don’t worry about finding fun things to do. Instead, pass the task off to your children! Give each child the opportunity to plan a family activity and have them play host to the events. You don’t have be the one trying to entertain your children – let them entertain you! You’ll be amazed at how they jump at the opportunity to take the leadership role and organize their part of the fun.


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