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Toddlers Smearing Poop On Walls

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Child Smears Poop From Diapers On The Wall

Oh sure, you laugh – if you are not the one with the problem!  However, there are many parents who have clever tykes that have discovered a cure for their boredom of lying awake in their cribs. They remove their diapers and enjoy playing with their poop, often smearing it artistically on the wall.


Nice eh?


Well – the answer is simple.  Duct tape.  Yup.  That is my parenting advice.  The idea here is that we simple want to change the environment instead of having to deal with the child.  If you apply duct tape over the easy peel tape of the diaper, your child can’t get the diaper off.


Problem solved – no screaming.


Onsie sleepers can help too, at least until they are old enough to figure out zippers.


And finally, minimize your reaction when you discover the poop Picasso.  Sometimes our lectures and yelling actually serve as a pay-off or reward for a child who is creatively looking to get your engagement.


Sweet eh?

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2 Responses to “Toddlers Smearing Poop On Walls”

  1. Mom of 3 Prodigious Poopers

    Not to rain on your parade, but they don’t need to get the diaper off, they just “diaper dive” with a hand snuck down the back of the diaper. Duct tape is good however for kids who like to take off their diaper and run around and poop weird places like under the kitchen table or in the closet.

  2. Ruth

    Hi I am having a real big problem with my 21mth old son….he has been diving in the back of his diaper to just smear his poop all over him, his crib the walls next to him this only happens when we have put him for a napp or put him down for bedtime, its starting to be an everyday thing….I dont know whether he is doing it so he can have a bath or its him just acting out because he’s not the only child anymore but I really need to know why he is acting out in this rather disgusting behaviour….what can I do to help him….to understand its not ok…please give me advice anyone….
    frustrated mom


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