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TV Turnoff Week

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Turn Your TV Off This Week

(Originally posted April 25, 2005)

Yes folks, it is the week we have all been waiting for: “TV Turnoff Week”. From today, Monday April 25th to May 1st, you can join millions of others viewers who are pulling the plug on TV, the Internet and video games. If you want to find out more just checkout

I personally have nothing against TV, the internet or video games. In fact, I even seen benefits, but I do think they can become an easy default activity which can push out other families activities that can be more meaningful. My kids love camping for precisely this reason.

My daughter has set a personal goal of going without TV for three days. I never (or rarely) watch TV, but I can get sucked into the Internet when my time could be better spent with my family.

The TV Turnoff Week is an exercise in awareness. I think it is worth the experiment: What does fill that time void you make by being an unplugged family? Life abhors a vacuum – you can bet something will fill that time, and I predict some of you may like it better! Let me know how it goes for those who venture forth and try this.

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